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BellaStick® – the story of Professor Marcello Baldacchini

Over the years I have worked a lot with NIR lasers (measured in nanometres), having discovered – as far back as the 80s – that this type of infrared light corresponds to the light emitted by a beach that has been warmed by the sun.

This type of wavelength corresponds to the stimulation received by biological material ranging from seaweed to animal life forms. The same plants are sensitive to this type of infrared light (NIR).

Scientific References

The “lungs” of the cell function as photovoltaic panels: in other words, they use light to enhance the chemical reaction between food (sugars) and oxygen.

The use of oxygen by the cells of the body is enhanced, as is the microcirculation, and chemical energy is converted into fuel (ATP). This is useful in toning muscles and muscle fibres, which translates into firming of the tissue.

With regard to hair, there is an improvement in the erector muscles of the hair and of the microcirculation mentioned above.

Face and Body

In recent years LEDs have begun to take over from lasers for some uses, and can be used as an infrared tint brush, comb or hairbrush.

Another interesting discovery has been that certain types of light impulses can “massage” cells and tissue (through the mechanical action of light), improving hydration and the exchange of fluids between cells and between tissues, assisting cell detox. In recent years these discoveries have been confirmed by many sources, including NASA.

BellaStick is an innovative appliance because it puts to full use all the principles described above.

What is it used for?

BellaStick is a device for home use. It is designed for beauty and skin treatments. It is an athermic emitter of infrared light for external dermatological use. BellaStick appliances for the face use IR + Red light to treat skin blemishes and small scars, and IR + Amber light to treat wrinkles and to stimulate collagen production. The draining effect of the BellaStick makes it useful for treating bags under the eyes and puffiness in the face, around the mouth and eye area, and skin imperfections. Some scientific publications from the mid-90s demonstrate that this type of IR light can penetrate several cm into the fluid of the human body but is blocked by the calcium in the bones, making the treatment of the face very safe.

Device for domestic use

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Beauty salons

and Body

Parabolic reflection lamp for medical and/or aesthetic therapy depending on model. Equipped with 170 high-intensity LEDs to treat different parts of the body, from the face to the legs. Trolley-based device with adjustable arm.

This appliance has significant clinical and biological effects, and represents one of the best applications of biophysics on the human body.

• Accelerates tissue regeneration processes (or, to use the correct term, biostimulation)
• Stimulates collagen production
• Stimulates cell metabolism (ATP RNA-DNA) of the electrolyte exchange of the protoplasm and mitosis.
• Stimulates immune systems
• Antibacterial action
It is ideal for the treatment of imperfections such as wrinkles, stretch marks, keloids, oedemas and cellulite, as well as firming and toning the skin.


Ideal for beauty treatments on the face, décolleté area and arms, and for wellbeing and skin treatments.
VITAlase Appliance with two handpieces:

-one handpiece with laser for use around the eyes and for reflexology.
-one handpiece with 6 high-performance lasers for the uses mentioned above.

Combining advanced optoelectronics, the biological effects of infrared lasers and a comprehensive user manual, this approach provides an innovative answer to the successful treatment of:

Bags under the eyes, scars and acne scars, tissue firming, wrinkles, active surgical drains, breast firming, cellulite, stretch marks.

High-performance lasers. Enhances microcirculation and the production of collagen and ATP.

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