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PhotonGauss operates in the sphere of complementary medicine, and aims to research, develop and create devices and equipment for physical therapy and aesthetic therapy.

Our scientific approach, which we have followed for many years, is based on the use of biophysics applied to bioenergetics.

We use natural energies such as light (the type of infrared light that is near to infrared, known as NIR – near – infrared) and magnetism, purified from its electrical component, because electricity interferes with the weak currents already generated by the body’s cell system.

Photon Gauss Scientific Acknowledgements

Two important points must be made.

The first relates to the doses of these two environmentally-friendly energies; it is important to note that the parameters used are those that exist in nature and which have a positive effect on the body.

The second is that these energies are at the origin of biological material. We could say that biological energy is the “mother” of biological material and therefore influences it in a positive way.

Given all this, inflammatory and degenerative processes, injuries and physical stress can be countered with numerous devices with a range of application protocols. With over 30 years’ experience, our work is supported by numerous collaborations with universities, hospitals, clinics, professionals and conferences.

Worthy of note and consideration are the books and bibliographies published in recent decades, creating a healthy engagement between us and the scientific community.

The difference between
and Laser


In ancient times, people believed that the sun’s rays bounced off objects and then shone into our eyes. Today we know that white light from the sun is composed of 7 colours (the colours of the rainbow), and that a rose is red because it reflects red, a sheet is white because it reflects all seven colours, while a jacket is black because it absorbs all seven. Other colours exist that our eyes cannot perceive: colours above violet (hence ultraviolet) and colours below red (hence infrared). Neither ultraviolet (UV) lights nor infrared (IR) lights can be seen with the human eye.


A laser is a device like a sophisticated lamp which, instead of emitting all colours as is the case for white light, emits only one, with all the light concentrated in a single direction. The word Laser, in fact, is an acronym for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation”. Another thing to mention is the existence of infrared light waves, which can be seen during sandbathing. These infrared waves can be recreated using a soft infrared laser and used to treat different types of conditions and illnesses. For beauty treatments, the waves are applied to combat cellulite and to promote weight loss; in dermatological treatments they are used to combat wrinkles and blemishes; in physiotherapy and chiropractic to relieve inflammation, oedemas and muscle problems, and in haircare to combat hair loss, seborrhoea and dermatitis.

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Magnetism and reasons for modulated tissue regeneration

The human body is full of micro-currents and conductors (cells of all types, bones, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels) and the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with all of this. The human body functions with low-frequency respiratory and cardiac frequencies, slow changes in pressure, all with defined, low frequencies, so even the electrical movements of the body follow low frequencies. Low frequency magnetic fluxes can be generated, but to obtain them with any consistency it is necessary to create large electromagnets that can be applied to specific or small areas of the body.

In traditional magnetic therapy, high electrical frequencies are used alternated with low frequencies. However, this is limited by a range of factors: electromagnetic pollution, the relatively low level of magnetic energy, cellular inertia at high frequencies, and the fixed position of the electromagnets which generates areas with different potentials.
The solution is to use a modulated magnetic field that moves across the areas to be treated. There is no current in the parts in contact with the body. The current present is used only for the automated micromotors.

Equipment using the concept of magnetic therapy rebalance the electricity naturally present in the body when it has been disrupted by injury and/or fractures. It is effective on blemishes, stretch marks and bags under the eyes, and can be used to enhance the appearance of the décolleté and other areas. It is also effective in the treatment of pulled and torn muscles, tendinitis and arthrosis. It can be used during rehabilitation as well as in the acute and post-operative stages. It acts through bandages, surgical dressings and casts. The central unit that operates the handpiece is pre-programmed with cardiac frequencies or their harmonics and with different treatment times in addition to those pre-programmed.


To learn more: (Scientific principles – Simple explanations on light and laser light)